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The Making Procedure Of Ordinary Soft Sweets And The ACID Soft Sweets
1) The dosage of ordinary gel is 1.2-1.5%
2) The dosage of acidproof gel must be 1.7-1.8%. 
   the maximum of acid agent is 0.8-1.2%
3) When making acid sweets, the special acid agent
   must be dissolved at first with a little hot water.
4) When adding the acid,the following things must be
   finished:boiling and condensing first,then adding
   flavor and pigment and  not adding the acid agent
   until the sugar liquid is 90-95'C and stirring it
   to be well-proportioned.
5) If the boiled sugar cannot be filled up the mould 
   once in time,for example,filling up with machine 
   or having no enough mould,acid agent should be ad
   -ded by the quantity of the sugar liquid and the
   proportion,and the surplus should be left in the 
   attemperator to preserve the temperature.
6) Enough mould should be prepared in order not to 
   leave too much residual sugar liquid which will
   effect the quality.
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